Day 4. Walking for 9 Hours.

Today was day 4 of our journey on the Camino! I’m so sorry that I’m not writing more… I’m exhausted from 9 hours of walking each day!

We made it to the famous old city of Pamplona where the running of the bulls takes place!

I’m doing okay but hurt in places I never knew existed (I’ll spare you the details)!

We have been staying in hostels/albergues with other Pilgrims. I am meeting some amazing people along “the way”! Everyone has a story of why they are doing the Camino and for the most part are willing to share; the 18yr old gal who has worked so hard in high school but not quite sure what she wants to do in college, or the gal deciding whether to end her 42 years marriage after finding out  her husband is having an affair. But the most profound story I’ve heard this far, is the 43-year-old man with 10-year-old twins who has spent the last years suffering from cancer. Three months ago he was unable to walk after spending six weeks in the hospital. And today, three months later he is walking the Camino to try and live joyfully! I am moved by all of the stories!

Today we went to the top of a hill (one of the many) where a church was. We went in for a time of prayer and was given the Beatitudes of a Pilgrim. We then could write a prayer and leave it at the foot of the cross!

I have had time to think and it’s amazing with the rhythm of walking where my mind goes!

My fitbit says 16 miles!

My new best friends have become my walking sticks.  Almost every Pilgrim has a set. These sticks provide balance, stability, keep me from falling, absorb 30-40% of the pressure my knees and hips, push me up a hill and keep my hands from swelling. I have come to depend on them because one fall or twisted ankle and the walk could be over!  We all have some sort of crutch in our lives…. but the question is, does it help you live a healthier, happier or holier life… then I say use them!!

Tomorrow we are going to take it a little easy and let our bodies rest and adjust!

Buen Camino,