“How Are Your Feet?”

We just finished day 13 of walking! For Mother’s Day we decide to stay in a hotel converted from a hospital! Ironic really! 

Belarado. May 14

I have seen a real switch in conversation with people! It has moved from “why are you doing the Camino” to “how are your feet?”. I am intimately aware of how everyone’s feet are around me! Even when we stop for coffee/lunch, the shoes and socks come off , and the examination of the blisters are now table talk! 

Granon. May 13

We have figured out that if we go 13 to 15 miles a day we are good but anything after that the body really starts breaking down! I have a shinsplints and about 4 blisters but otherwise, I’m doing pretty well! 

Villafranca Montes de Oca. May 14

It really a must to be in tune with your own body! We need to listen to yourself and gauge what your body can tolerate day after day! 

Castidelgado. May 14

Isn’t  that so true and daily life? Why do we not pay more attention to our own body, mind and spirit!? We need to nurture, care and know our limitations so we can be the best we can be! 

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