Las Vegas Shooting: Accepting Riverside Clients through Victim Services

Were you or someone you know at the Las Vegas shooting? Our County of Riverside Victim Services will cover the fee for counseling (also medical bills, burial costs) for Riverside , CA residents that were at the Las Vegas shooting. Jeanette Hunter is our contact person assisting victims at the Riverside District Attorney Office. Call her at 951.304.5684 and ask for the application for counseling. Let her know you were at the concert. Victim Services will pay 100% if  you have no insurance or your policy will not cover. And also the co-pay if your insurance covers counseling.

Counseling is the healthiest treatment to address the trauma you experienced, allowing you to move on. Take advantage of the resources available. Take the time to heal. Time for self-care.

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Sue Bushrow, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist