Let It Go!

Hello from Spain! 


We are eight days in of walking and 32 more to go! I’m in a little town called Torres Del Rio. We pushed through today and did about 39k (18-19 miles) ! I am physically doing good with only two blisters on some toes! 

I can honestly say the last couple of days have been emotionally difficult. I dropped my phone and broke it! I was truly beside myself! For over two days I had nothing to communicate with or even how to navigate! It was also my camera, so no photos. I tried to not be discouraged but to no avail. I was a mess! The tears came unabashedly as well as the frustration. 

I bused it into Pamplona alone and navigated the city only to be told, yep, it’s broken and ten days from now it might be fixed. They had an iPad mini refurbished for half the price, so I got it.  Cool, here we go!

NOT!  I forgot my passwords because I had taken a picture of them with my phone! So, again ten days for Apple to recover the settings because I was now locked out. 

Do you see how I am being sifted? I’m beginning to get Gods message for me… “Let it go and focus on me!”  

So today, through my letting this go, the encouragement of my walking partner and a great group of people, I had a new attitude.  So today was a great day! I felt like all those “crutches”  I have are being striped away! And we walked longer today because we were with great people. 

We got to our hostel and I was sitting by the pool. One of the guys asked how it was going with the solution to my broken phone. I told him about how I have been locked out of all my accounts. He said “I used to work at the phone store. Give me that. I will figure it out!”  And so he did! And I am back online, without a phone, but have access to apps! 

I can’t begin to tell you how true it is that the Camino provides! I had the privilege of helping a lady who had pain today and in turn,  I was helped immensely. It wasn’t until I was able to lay it all down that I got it back!

I wonder what distractions we need to lay down so that we can hear or listen to what God or our minds need us to hear!?

I am exhausted today but invigorated by God and people’s goodness!


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