The First Three Camino Days

MAY 4  The first 3 days have been extremely hard, but exhilarating! I’m learning that one has to do the Camino your own way! As I climbed the Pyrenees, I sensed I was the last in the pack. The innate pressure to keep up with everyone else has to be let go. Hearing about how to do the Camino and actually doing it are very different things!

MAY 4  They said it was only 13.9 miles today but it was really 19!  Hard but great day! Knee was yelling at me about but staying strong! Meeting the best people!

MAY 3  The first 2 days of walking have been amazing! These are claimed to be the hardest Camino days! Yesterday, it rained, was all uphill and today about 75% uphill and the last 25% straight down! I have learned how quickly people get hyperthermia. I am meeting people from all over the world who are walking for many different reasons.

The 2 most powerful things today were getting to the top of the mountain pass and walking into the monastery after 13 miles! I must admit, I’m exhausted! I would write more but fatigue has set in… well it could be the wine too! Buen Camino for tonight.