What Is “The Way” And Why In The World Would I Want To Walk 500 Miles?

The Camino de Santiago means… “The Way of St. James,” This is an Christian Pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain. The legend believes this is where the remains of the apostle James lie.

Today, many people walk the 500 miles of the Camino for their own reasons. Some want a religious reflection time or an emotional healing, a challenge or just for fun! My reasons are not as clear cut! I only heard about the 500 mile Pilgrimage a couple of years ago. My cousin decided to walk this journey; he blogged and wrote a book about it! I was drawn in and immediately in awe of the experience. I remember thinking… “I have to do this”!!! I am in a transition phase in my life and it makes sense to walk this journey now!! To be very honest, I am afraid to wait! So in 22 days I will begin my Camino journey!

I have been preparing for 2 years, physically (sort of), emotionally, and spiritually!

Physically: I have struggled with my weight my whole life and it has prevented me from doing many things. I decided I wanted to do this, I could do this, and by God’s strength I will do it!!!

Emotionally: spending the last several years finishing my Bachelors & Masters Degrees plus 3000 clinical hours in pursuit of becoming a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist…I finished and am in private practice. One of the things I impress upon my clients is how important their own emotional health is and each person must be their own advocates! How can I teach this if I don’t model it!!

Spiritually: I have known the Lord since I was 13. I believe in Jesus with my whole heart! I know that I need some time and head space to hear from the Lord in this next phase of my life! I want to walk to listen and be ready to hear from the Lord! I’m not expecting any great revelations…. just His still quiet voice without the clutter of life!
So there you go!
In 22 days I will head to Paris, meet up with my walking partner and head to St.Jean Pied de Port to begin this 500 mile, 40 day walk across northern Spain to Santiago! I invite you to follow me, pray for me and participate in my Pilgrimage along the Way!