Horseback and a Fall

June 3

Las Herrerias to Fonfria ! Mixed it up with riding horseback to OCeberio ! Very fun way to climb a mountain! Of course, I got the horse who had gas, poops and atitude!

June 5

The last two days have been so beautiful! Some of the prettiest walking through Galicia! We are beginning to count down the days as our bodies are showing the wear and tear of lots of miles/kilometers!

Today I slipped down a steep gravel hill, my leg got some gashes and my knee bent backwards! Thankfully the knee is okay and I’m treating the scraps with topical antibiotics! For a moment, I was scared that my ability to finish walking might have been threatened (feelings of heartbrokenness) but I think I’m good to go for a 22k day tomorrow! Prayers for both mine and Jill’s legs appreciated!