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Has your family suffered a trauma, loss, change, or heartache? Do you feel depressed after a major life event?   Has your marriage hit a hard patch?  Is your child or teenager struggling? Are you in professional ministry facing challenges? I look forward to helping you find hope during life’s storms. 

Individuals. Helping individuals who have experienced trauma, sexual abuse, grief and loss to process the pain and begin healing is very important to me. 

CouplesEven the best of couples need time and attention. The stress of daily life and difficult circumstances challenge our sense of unity and affection for one another. I enjoy helping couples resolve issues and renew their commitment to one another, finding relief and thriving again.

Children/Teens.  When helping children, play is their therapeutic language. Art and sand table play can be a very non-threatening environment to deal with issues. Teens need an emotionally safe person with whom to address their feelings, fears and behaviors. 

Ministry and Medical.  I have specific experience working with individuals and couples in ministry and know first hand the unique challenges. I’ve also work in the medical field and am able to offer insight and support to those facing health concerns.                                                                

Don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help.

“Everything was perfect. Sue is so wonderful, kind and compassionate. She has great input and very knowledgeable. Very fair to both my husband and myself.  I feel so lucky we have found her. So happy. Thank you!

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